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Benefits of Microperforated Window Graphics

5 benefits of using Microperforated Window Graphics in your business.

Perforated window graphics, also known as one-way vision graphics, are a popular advertising and branding solution that offers several benefits for our customers.

According to Contra Vision® catalog, "Graphic Manufacturers have different options because every window and every project is unique and that is why we have a range of films that perfectly suits every application". On that matter, the films come from low transparency (20% - 80/20) to high transparency (50% - 50/50) to maximize through vision and daylight inside.

When we have the opportunity to work on this kind of projects, we check with our customers the purpose of installing these films and choose the right transparency option. Also, we analyze if it is necessary additional protection for the graphic. In summary, we explain in detail the benefits they obtain after finishing the project based on the product guide and experience.

Below we describe the five top benefits that our customers reach after completing their #microperforatedwindowgraphic

#1 - Advertising and Promotion

Microperforated window graphics transform your store windows or vehicles windows into eye-catching advertisement displays. A great design is ideal when you have several windows next to each other because your brand can deliver high resolution images and fine detail prints.

#2 - Privacy and Sunlight Control

Microperforated vinyl on windows offer privacy by allowing you to see outside while blocking the view from outside. In addition, they can reduce glare from the sun, improving the comfort of the interior space.

"Using Contra Vision® see-through window graphics takes away the negatives of using solid graphics, maintains image quality but will not block light coming into the store or spoil the view out." – Contra Vision® Case of Study

#3 - Environmental Benefits

A microperforated vinyl on retail or building windows can help reduce energy consumption by blocking direct sun light. In addition, this film on bus wrap reduces solar heat gain, air conditioning load, fuel consumption, carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

#4 - Quick and Easy Installation

Either Inside or Outside application, all perforated window films require a dry application method. Clean and easy installation process makes the micro-perforated graphic a great solution for your business.

#5 - Profitable advertisement

Compared to other advertising methods like billboards, TV commercials and even digital campaigns, perforated windows graphics offer a cost-effective solution. Once installed, they can provide long term exposure to your brand.

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We offer a free consultation for any technical questions about this product and feel inspired to transform your business.

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We are very thankful for the opportunity to work with JC Dental when we designed and installed their microperforated window graphics.

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