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Our Story


Vecopress was founded in 2015 by the Venezuelan entrepreneurs, Ismar Sosa and her lovely husband, Martin Morles in the city of Houston, Texas. Its mission is to provide the highest quality graphic design and digital printing services to the entire business community around the country. Vecopress accompanies all small and mid-size businesses during the process of the design and printing of their marketing products with the purpose of helping them increase their sales within this competitive market. Alongside this mission, we love to empower the small businesses and support the minority owners who deserve the best service when they need to improve their brand and professional image.


 Finally, our story does not end unless we make real contact with all our customers using the available technology to assure they can receive the best products at the right time. No matter what printing or design services you are looking for, we are are available to address customer instructions and deliver with 100% satisfaction.


 If you are an entrepreneur, you found the right place to design and print your marketing products!


Our Story
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