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Tips for Printing


We design and Print

Prepare a mock-up to give the printer as a finished sample.


All bleeds should generally be set to 0.25 in (6mm). Objects to bleed extend fully into the bleed area.


Check for transparency and notify its use to your print service provider.


Remove any trapping (allow the printer to apply trapping).


Spell-check your document.


All spot colors should be designated as spot colors and not as CMYK recipes.


Image file are linked properly. Please send us everything in a zipped folder


Rotate, scale and edit images and graphics prior to placing them in page layout applications.


Ensure that all graphics and images are in their final size and correct resolution, 100% at 300 ppi (250 to 350 ppi).


Perform a visual preflight using overprint preview, color separations preview and transparency flattener preview.


Gather all source files: fonts, graphics, images and layout documents, if requested. Use the “Package” feature in Adobe Indesign or the “collect for Output” in QuarkXpress.

We design and print
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