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How to Export files for Printing from the Canva app?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

The most popular online graphic design app for entrepreneurs

Since the Canva app was launched to the market, we receive designs every single day from many entrepreneurs using this popular app. As a printer provider, we started looking the benefits of using this app for our clients, and definitely we agree how friendly and rich of resources it is.

We made a decision to have the Canva Pro in order to get access a many more images and also other tools to help our customers improve their own designs.

Here you have some tips to be considered when you need to print your marketing products using Canva app

Tip #1 - Check the design size

Before you start making your design, think about what the purpose is of the product you want to print. For example, the sizes for the products could be quite different, If they are going to be sent out using traditional mail or if they are to be populated in a networking event or fest. If you want a printed postcard or flyer you can also get better prices when you design with standard sizes. Contact your printer provider and ask which size is the best for you.

The Canva app has the Create tab on the right corner for design and allow you specify a custom size if it is required.

Tip #2 - Activate the rulers, bleed and margins tools

These tools are excellent, and you can activate them on the File tab of the main menu. The benefit of using all of them is that you can design properly and leave the right distance of all texts and images from the borders.

"Canva is a simple-to-use online design and publishing platform that allows everyone to create professional quality designs" - Melanie Perkins, Co-founder & CEO at Canva

Tip #3 - Expand all background colors and images until touch the bleed lines

To assure the colors reach the edges of your marketing products, you have to expand all of them beyond the cutting lines. This step is going to be easy for you if you activate the bleed margins and rulers. See how the image below is going to be exported when you want to see a green color on the back of the logo. The green color will reach the edges of the flyer or postcard.

Tip #4 - The final Step: Sharing

You got the final and the most important step: sharing!! In order to send the artwork to your printer provider, go to the Share tab at the right corner of the main menu and click "Download". On the Download tab, select PDF PRINT and click "crop marks and bleed".

Follow all these steps and your printing will be cut correctly and professional. If you have questions or need more help on this matter, feel free to contact us for nny channel.

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