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Peach Fuzz: Color of the Year 2024

As a printer provider, we are always excited when the Pantone Institute declares the color of the year. We immediately started to imagine and create designs using the selected color. Also, we go to the Pantone Institute website and read more about the color inspiration and the reasons they considered selecting it.

In 1999, the Pantone institute started the Color of the year program and since then, they select the color every single year and share the story behind the selection.

This 2024, the selected color wants to communicate a message of compassion, nurturing, and kindness. The Pantone Institute describes the Peach Fuzz as a sensitive, sweet, and airy color that expresses. the real values.

"We need to calibrate our internal values and spend more time with our loved ones" explain Elley Cheng, VP Pantone.

Business Card design using the Peach Fuzz
Business Card design using the Peach Fuzz

How to use the Pantone Color of the year 2024

The priority for the Pantone Institute and collaborators is to navigate the present focusing on the community. So, all designs need to have a human connection and the Peach Fuzz will help you to approach that mood. Be inspired by this peach tone and start creating your designs as we show above on a business card.

The Peach Fuzz Recipe

If you start any design and do not have the access to the Pantone Color Book, you might need the color recipe for the Peach Fuzz. Normally, all design programs have the capacity to introduce the HEX formula for any color; so, if you use FFBE98, you will get the perfect tone for the Peach Fuzz. Also, the L*a*b formula would be 83.16, 22.40, 30.15 and the sRGB would be 255, 190, 152.

Now, you are ready to start your favorite design with this cozy color.

New Ideas for 2024

In the printing world, you can use the Peach Fuzz in any marketing product. Keep in mind the fusion between the Peach Fuzz and your brand into any promotional item, apparel, or stationery product. Need Help? We are willing to help you offering our experience and the best recommendations for any design or printing project.

Peach Fuzz Mug by Vecopress
Peach Fuzz Mug by Vecopress

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