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Looking for Inspiration? Travel this Summer

As entrepreneurs we know how difficult is to take a break and find new ways to grow our business. Sometimes, we do not feel well leaving our offices for leisure or adventure; however, the real fact is that travel can be a great source of inspiration.

Travel is often a profound source of inspiration, offering new experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

Since September 2023, I was planning how my Summer 2024 would be. I decided to do the "Camino de Santiago" that is a pilgrim walking through the Camino Portuguese in Spain. After a physical preparation for almost five months, finally the day came and I flew to Vigo, Spain in May 15th. This experience allowed me to leave from my "comfort zone" and adapt to new environments, fosters resilience and self-confidence. I could appreciate the nature's beauty from mountains, forests, and new landscapes.

Photos of Camino de Santiago Spain
Camino De Santiago & Cathedral, Spain 2024

When we finished the 100 kilometers walking path, we reached Santiago to witness the pilgrim mass at the beautiful Cathedral. I have never cried with such emotional tears because I was really tired but at the same time very happy admiring the majesty of this historical place and learning about past civilizations.

After visiting to Spain, I continued to look for more inspiration, and I stopped by Firenze, Italy.

Firenze is the city of the Art and Intellectual inspiration. Any museum, palace, and cathedral will be in my memory forever. One of things that impacted me most was the logo of the city called the "The Florentine", the red Lily. In the Vecchio Palace, I found how the creators, based on the French Lily, they made the Italian version of this beautiful symbol, adding new branches and grace. Since 1250, the actual logo consists of a red Giglio and white background. However, the beautiful of this note, is that you can find countless places in the city where this Fiorentina inspires many entrepreneurs or business owners to create their own logo based on the red Giglio.

Photos of Firenze Italy
Inspiration Mood In Firenze, Italy

Some Quick Guidelines to Inspire you while Traveling

Consider the recommendations below to ensure the travel inspires and transform you in a more creative person.

Be Open-Minded

Plan Flexibly

Document Your Journey

Seek Out Inspiration


Be Open-Minded

Embrace Differences: Specially if you travel from America to Europe. Our continents are very different. Enjoy the new cultures, customs, and perspectives.

Try New Things: Be willing to try new flavors; but be careful if you are allergic or suffer for any food allergic reaction. Also, take local tours around the cities or towns. They save time and give you more information about your special interests.

Wall at MaxiMall in Salerno, Italy
Be Open Minded

Plan Flexibly

Allow Spontaneity: Do not be attached to any narrow itinerary. Feel free to visit the iconic places, but also the less famous ones.

Follow your Interests: My interest is to learn new things about graphic design and printing. So, my first interest is to visit museums and art galleries to gain inspiration from local art. I also see the printed materials wherever I go as for example restaurant menus, placemats, logos, and the best promotional items. The idea is to take new perspectives or inspiration from different cultures.

Document your journey

Journal: Write important notes about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings to reflect on your travels. If you have a blog, it would be easy to remember names and local places.

Photography: Be prepared to take many pictures and selfies. You have to capture every single moment that inspires you. Also, if you can take small videos, they can be edited at the end of your travel. They will be perfect for social media or for your company website.

Seek Out Inspiration

Nature: Believe me that natural sights are the best places when you need to relax from the daily routine. Applying breathing techniques while you are walking long distances, allow you to think and immediately start flowing new ideas.

Art and History: Visiting the city of Firenze in Italy was the best decision ever. I could appreciate the paintings from famous painters as Boticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, and also sculptures from Michelangelo. The oil on wood canvas and marble busts reminds us how the Christianity and dynasties were the top themes for the Renaissance art.

No matter where your interest lie, there is a destination out there that can inspire and rejuvenate you. Look for inspiration and Happy Travel-preneur!


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